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We have been thermal imaging New Zealand houses for years, and have found 1000's of hidden leaks lurking behind walls that nobody can see without thermal vision. Experience on every inspection comes standard.
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Thermal cameras have been proven to be an excellent aid for building inspectors to use when testing a house for moisture related problems... but does your inspector of choice use it correctly. Over the past 2-3 years, there have been a flood of structural building & house inspection companies offering thermal imaging services in Auckland. Infrared cameras are quickly becoming a tool of choice for more accurate testing results. Unfortunately the feedback from real estate agents is that some inspectors just use it as a ‘flashy tool’ to impress the buyer, but the interpretation of the pictures could be questioned?

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    Cert# 7484 - Infraspection Institute

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    1000's of leaks found, and many people saved from buying leaky buildings

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    Our switchboard inspections are trusted by insurance companies and NZ's largest corporations

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